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Even if you use a tax professional to prepare your returns it is very important to become informed on federal and state income tax laws. You cannot know the right moves to make in your daily financial life without a basic knowledge of the tax implications of your actions. And the more informed you are on tax matters the more prepared you will be when you go to your annual tax appointment.

Learn what you can, and cannot, deduct on your federal and state tax returns, including the special items that are unique to your trade or profession, and the rules governing any special situations that apply to you, and keep up to date on federal and state tax law changes.

One way to stay up-to-date on taxes is to follow a tax weblog or “blog”. What follows is a list of blogs that deal with federal, and sometimes state, tax issues. The Wandering Tax Pro blog, which I write, provides up-to-the-minute advice, information, resources and commentary on federal and New Jersey state income taxes and the NJ property tax rebate and refund programs, and updates on federal and state tax legislation, IRS and NJ Division of Taxation rulings and regulations, and federal and state tax court decisions. 

Visit the Books and Publications and Free Tax Stuff! pages that are listed under the TAX PLANNING AND PREPARATION RESOURCES heading on the home page of this website for good sources of tax information.